A free app which allows users to Point at ad using their camera and instantly see the static print come to life!

Wait of 14 days required with branded apps. Go live instantly with our PAM splash screen.

Screen Shots

AR Instructions for Consumers

Use our brand as a call-to-action.

We strongly encourage that developers and campaign managers place the PAM logo on the images they augment. In combination with direct action messaging, the logo becomes an excellent way of letting people know that there is a digital experience to be viewed.

Augmented reality campaigns rely heavily on strong calls-to-action from products. The logo encourages users to pull out their phones and experience a new world of digital content by drawing their attention and clearly directing them to interact.


The PAM application is the portal through which users will view the digital content you build with PAM Creator. The application's existing popularity provides you with a huge potential reach for your campaigns.