What is PAM? A free app which allows users to use their camera and instantly see the static print come to life!

What is PAM?

Transforming the static world of print into a dynamic digital reality, PAM is obsessed with the application of augmented reality in previously uncharted outlets.

How PAM works:

PAM is a brand new proprietary technology available exclusively at Virtual Mob. You can now bring your static prints to a whole new level - a virtual level!

PAM allows anyone to point their phone at one of your posters, flyers, catalogues or any other form of print, and see it come to life on the screen in front of them.

About us:

PAM is the ground breaking new technology available from our innovative team of technology experts. We are committed to bringing forth new and exciting technological solutions to the marketing arena. With offices in London and Zurich, our cutting edge systems work around the clock to bring you ever more connected and focused publishing mediums from which to orchestrate your marketing campaigns.