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Virtual Mob is an vibrant new high tech company in the sector of Augmented Reality (AR). "Virtual Mob has grown from strength to strength and we have always aimed to fulfil our clients visions and business needs. We aim to make businesses more aware of our services and how their business can grow through the use of AR as a medium.
"Here at Virtual Mob, we have no doubt that Web 3.0 technology is taking over".

"With the help of Virtual Mob, products suddenly come alive using AR, our innovative apps such as "Point At Me" (PAM) exemplify this medium. Virtual Mob can help advertising and publicity be more than just an exposure based sector but an experience as well, this is seen with our exciting new apps: ARestaurants and AR Fashion.

Interactive augmented reality business solutions are now being used frequently in numerous sectors: tourism, consumer retail, sport, shopping malls, museums, theme parks, events, car manufacturers and largely within the digital print industry as well in the form of brochures.

Our mission: Reveal the power of AR to clients with the Web 3.0 technology - the future is with Virtual Mob.

Virtual Mob has excelled in its growth, collaborating with many household names and brands. This has been proven by the recent award nomination to our CEO Chaya Jadhev by the Pitch SF 2013 Startup Competition.

We are currently located in Switzerland, UK, parts of the EU market and are in the process of making inroads in the Middle East.

Like what you've heard? Send us an email at: info@virtualmob.co.uk or simply go to the 'contact us' page.

Virtualmob consists of a strong team unit with many innovative entrepreneurs and intellectual individuals who have come together to create a formidable line-up.

Sanjay Jadhav is one of the co-founders of VirtualMob.

Sanjay has over 14 years experience in the field

He is an IT professional and has an entrepreneurial outlook into the business industry.

Chaya Jadhav is the other co-founder of VirtualMob.

Chaya has over 10 years experience in the business industry

She has an "hands on approach" to business and is key to executing concepts and strategies within the company.

Omkar Khedekar is the Software Engineer at VirtualMob.

Omkar has excellent experience with the high-tech interface technology behind Augmented Reality.

He has innovative design ideas for the company and works alongside our clients closely.

Gor Ghazaryan is the Senior Software Developer at VirtualMob.

Gor is highly experiences in Augmented Reality's development.

He also provides exceptional insights into new innovations.

Schez Khan Business Development Head – India & GCC at VirtualMob.

Schez has many years of experience as Business Consultant & Strategist. With his creative talents and innovative ideas, he has worked with diversified range of assignments globally and got more success within the short span of time.

Exploring 'new markets' for Virtual Mob is his latest passion.

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