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Aamby Valley Broadway Delights with new AR app

Aamby Valley Broadway Delight alongside Virtualmob has released a new innovative application for IPhone and Android to supplement the fantastic Cirque du Glace event in Independent India’s first planned hill city. The opportunity to watch more than 20 internationally renowned Ice Stars along with the augmented reality app involvement provided by Virtualmob is an unforgettable experience.

It couldn’t be simpler: the new Aamby Valley application offers many customer-friendly features:
– Show Info: All of the details needed to accommodate the fantastic experience
– Schedule: Your personal timetable of shows at the click of an app.
– Contact: No need to trawl through directories, one click and you’re ready.
– Pricing: All you need to know about the different seat prices.
– Booking: Convinced by what we have to offer then this feature is perfect for you.
– By downloading this app, you could watch the Aamby Valley experience come to LIFE!

This unique fresh experience provided by Virtualmob ameliorates the Cirque du Glace experience, not only will the augmented reality dynamic make you feel like part of the show but it can give you a snippet of magic that Cirque du Glace can provide with its portrayal of the evolution of life, the creation of the planet and man’s evolution in a captivating ice performance.

 So what do I have to do to get this experience?
1. Download the app
2. Point your device camera on the Aamby Valley logo, find logo attached: www.virtualmob.co.uk/trackables/aamby_valley_marker.jpg
3. Enjoy great AR Experience

Need more convincing? A feature video of Cirque du Glace will be available to watch when you scan your brochure using Point At Me (PAM) from the Apple Store or by downloading the Aamby Valley Broadway Delights application from the Google Play Store. It couldn’t be easier, interested in real entertainment, an unforgettable experience, something for the family or everyone?

Your answer is with Aamby Valley and Virtualmob.

VirtualMob: Silicon India event

VirtualMob appears on the big stage again!

VirtualMob was recently chosen as a keynote speaker at the Silicon India event to discuss strategic marketing.

Schez Khan, VirtualMob’s business development head in India, was elected to discuss the company’s recent success. This elected opportunity shows VirtualMob’s upcoming image in the Augmented Reality sector.

Schez Khan, a business consultant and advocate discussed how VirtualMob has boosted its presence in both the European and Indian market sectors. Furthermore Schez Khan went on to discuss the recent expansion of creative insights at VirtualMob and the impact that they have had in the Business sector in the Global markets.

This recent media coverage reflects how VirtualMob is growing as an identity in the world of Augmented Reality. So why wait and let our innovations pass you by?


Get in touch with us: www.virtualmob.co.uk

Isuzu augmented Reality app

Isuzu augmented Reality app

Don’t you just hate it when you have to waste your time going into the automotive dealer just to book a test drive? Or when you have to find that brochure that you’ve misplaced again?

Virtualmob have developed the perfect application for you.

Thanks to the innovative new Isuzu app you can do it from the comfort of your own android/smart phone. Simply download the application and direct it towards any of the three Isuzu posters at any of the various event locations.


A video will appear and afterwards your consumers will be presented with three choices:

– Request a brochure, sent straight to your email.
– Book a test drive, the ultimate customer experience.
– Or share with friends, via social media sites

Sometimes businesses worry about the statistical side of their advertising;

– How many users have read the brochure?
– How many users actually get converted?
– What model did users look like?
– Duration on the app?
– How many users read the brochure?
– What models have the users looked at, so ISUZU can concentrate on the ranges that really appeal to customers

As well as this, it will also give a range of information so that they can further work on giving their customers the best products and services possible, thus improving their already excellent reputation.and would be able to positively follow up with a sales call.

It couldn’t be easier, Virtualmob with the use of augmented reality has brought the Isuzu experience to you so what are you waiting for?

The Isuzu experience is waiting for you.

Download the app, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aum-d-max/id597226224?mt=8


Pointatme Augmented Reality CMS

PAM – Create your own Augmented Reality apps in minutes …

Create your own Augmented Reality app with the help of our PAM CMS system . Our system allows you to create your own AR app without any technical knowledge .Simply drag and drop the buttons on to your marketing advert. All at your fingertips!







1 – Create your Augmented Reality (AR) campaign
– Your concept

2 – Upload your image
– Your center piece, trademark/recognisable logo

3 – Build the AR features around your image
– You can add video or audio
– Upload buttons or custom design
– Embed video/statistics or offer Mobile coupons

Best Application for Advertising, Publishers / Media to upload custom Designs and interfaces.Businesses can upload Custom Icons, designs, backgrounds to help your app stand out!

Traveleasy App Blog

Traveleasy app blog

Do you have a budding hotel which just needs more exposure to consumers? Do you need something to give you an identity? Well Virtualmob has your answer!

The Traveleasy app supplies countless amount of information on android/smart phone devices – giving customers on-the-go access to news, menus, directions, show tickets, places to eat, shop, weather, special offers and much more within a single app on the move.

This application could become more than just a “cool” access point for your consumers but a brochure to show your professionalism and a way to offer your clients the best experience possible.

It could;
– Solve lengthy check in’s/out’s
– Information guide on landmarks
– A loyalty consumer programme through coupons etc
– Help promote external business sales; increasing network
– Room upgrade features
– Plus consumers can download a free city guide app.

This app will be the key to making your business a convenience high quality orientated company with consumers coming first. Virtualmob is your way to get there.