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For Christmas 2010, Ask Santa Claus for Augmented Gifts !

This is the first part of our selection of great Christmas Gift featuring our Augmented Reality technology.

Nathan Interactive Book : Dokéo+ with Dokito

This book developed and designed for kids between 2 and 5 years old proposes funny interactions with a dedicated character : Dokito.

Nathan Cards Sets : Dokéo Augmented Reality Cards

5 sets of cards designed for kids featuring Augmented Reality Experience to better understand Geography, Science, History and Physical Science !

InStyle Magazine December Issue with Augmented Reality Features and Advertising

Last issue of InStyle Magazine proposes 2 specials AR experiences. The first one is a special cover with unique message of Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift: 60 Seconds of Style where the country superstar gave us the inside scoop on her favorite looks, signature curls and more!

Audi Interactive Calendar- built on AR

A unique way to display or advertise your brand with the power of AR.. have a look at the video. If you would like to get similar done, pls contact us.

Exhibition Eurocopter, HAI Show, Houston

During the HAI Show (Helicopter Association International), Eurocopter featured 3 augmented reality demonstrations: Magic kiosk with interactive brochure, augmented reality cockpit with goggles and a special animation on the booth in which a virtual helicopter flew over the public..

Coca-Cola_AR-enable Coke Zero Cans « Virtualmob Augmented Reality Blog

We teamed up to transform the soda can into a stunning platform for augmented reality. Some 140 million Coke Zero cans worldwide have been AR-enabled to “launch” a Samson helicopter — from the fleet of Fox’s blockbuster Avatar — when the can is displayed before a webcam.  The Coke Zero project marks a milestone in the AR tracking and play experience: rather than being “stuck” to an object, the chopper floats freely and can be manipulated by “remote control.”  The craft moves in the direction users choose, and gains momentum on its own, replicating the motion of an actual helicopter.