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Augmented Reality Campaigns will be a Hit for this Football World Cup !

Augmented Reality was awarded by French Magazine 01Informatique one of the 11 winning innovations for the Football World Cup.

Cherrypicks developed an AR Game to support Sony Ericsson Communication in Hong Kong during Football World Cup using Total Immersion’s Technology. You can experience it here.

Digital Marketing: Video release of Facebook Experience Kia Go Hamster Go!

In association with digital marketing agency Initiative and creative agency David & Goliath, Total Immersion (www.t-immersion.com) has unveiled the new D’Fusion@Home Facebook application, called “Go Hamster Go!”  The game marks the first use of augmented reality in a Kia application for a social media environment — and adds to the cool factor with “game changing” face tracking.  The application is available now on the social networking site (www.facebook.com/kiasoul) under the Go Hamster Go! tab.

2010 Vancouver : Have a look to Yahoo!’s Fancouver Augmented Reality Experience

Yahoo! extends its vision of being the center of people’s online lives with comprehensive coverage and experiences coming from the world’s largest winter sporting event.
Yahoo! will keep fans on top of the action with a games-dedicated website featuring award-winning writers, a new Olympic mobile site, a custom-designed broadcast studio in Vancouver, and an entertainment center, FanCouver, where fans attending the games can participate in Yahoo! events and promotions.
Yahoo! Turns Vancouver Into FanCouver
On opening day of the games, Yahoo! will unveil FanCouver, an entertainment center where all fans can go to enjoy:
* Live video streaming with “Fan-Cam”
* Free WiFi lounge
* Free hot cocoa bar
* Photo booth
* Pin giveaway, a tradition at the Games
* Appearances by athletes
* Games and giveways
Located in the Yaletown section of Vancouver at 1128 Hamilton Street, FanCouver will be open February 12 through February 28, from 11 a.m. PST to 11 p.m. PST daily.
Please have a look at augmented reality experience based on face tracking developed by our technology partner at Total Immersion.

Coca-Cola_AR-enable Coke Zero Cans « Virtualmob Augmented Reality Blog

We teamed up to transform the soda can into a stunning platform for augmented reality. Some 140 million Coke Zero cans worldwide have been AR-enabled to “launch” a Samson helicopter — from the fleet of Fox’s blockbuster Avatar — when the can is displayed before a webcam.  The Coke Zero project marks a milestone in the AR tracking and play experience: rather than being “stuck” to an object, the chopper floats freely and can be manipulated by “remote control.”  The craft moves in the direction users choose, and gains momentum on its own, replicating the motion of an actual helicopter.

Video Release of Universal/Mercury Sinik CD with extra AR content

Upcoming album by hip-hop act Sinik, “Ballon d’Or,” will include images giving access to ‘augmented reality’ features.

The booklet for the album, released Nov. 30, features images that, when placed in front of a computer webcam, launch the augmented reality videos on the image on the computer screen.