Mobile AR platform

Atol : Automatic Trying on Glasses
Try latest glasses collection “AK Adriana Karembeu” online. This experience uses Total Immersion automatic face tracking technology.
It enables customers to select and try different designs and colours.

Try the experience
Watch more examples here
Application Type : Web plug in [Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 | MacOSX]


Atol iPhone App : Automatic Trying on Glasses
Try the 1st “Trying on Glasses App” using Face Tracking Technology on Iphone 4.

Try the experience on iTunes
Watch TV spot here

Application Type : Mobile [Available for iPhone 4]


Furrer-Jacot- Leading brand jewellery designers based in Switzerland.
QR code Campaign developed by Virtualmob UK

QR campaign for Furrer-Jacot jewellery design brand


-With very little time and investment and virtually no learning curve for consumers , QR codes are a perfect way to enegage brand experience andwareness. This QR code will be published in magazines and web to get user to scan the code which wil direct them to their FACEBOOK page, where they can start tagging their favourite ring, to win a dimaond ring. View and scan the code to experience to win a diamond ring..








Augmented Magazine Advert

Augmented Car Magazine - BMW, Audi .......

Maximizing your print budget by enabling AR mix.


Augmented reality can not only add fun and interactivity to a print publication, but, as shown here, it can also vastly improve a BRANDS ability to tell a story in a compelling and interactive way.

The crux of this vision is that smartphones now allow publishers to build this type of interactive experience right into their existing print content. No special markers, no desktop computer, no webcams: All a user needs to interact with augmented magazines, newspapers or cereal boxes is a smartphone.

Holding a smartphone up to a magazine is a far cry from the flashy interactive newspaper seen in Minority Report, but it is perhaps a hint at how augmented reality can help the dwindling print publishing industry.


Mcommerce app with AR enabled:

Luxury consumer brand mobile app

Mcommerce app for aLuxury Jewelry brand in Switzerland

We have successfully integrated AR gallery for a luxury brand based in Swiss, the concept here is the user can point their iphone camera at their magazine advert  and view realtime dynamic image gallery. The user will also be able to select and choose specific ring colors on the iphone screen.

So this is a revolutionary breakthrough  for us as Virtualmob after having managed to discover both the iphone and Android platform.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you need something similar.


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