About Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?


With the amount of Augmented Reality work being created (or at least promoted) at the moment, I thought it might be worth while posting up what I think are the Top 10 Augmented Reality Examples, that showcase the depth of what Augmented Reality has to offer us to date.

To do this, I’m looking at a mix of promotional ideas, competitions, real world application, mobile, campaigns, virals and experiences. The Augmented Reality Examples I’ve chosen are hand picked across that various mix to showcase where Augmented Reality is heading into the future, and how it can be used today. Click here to view the Top 10 Augmented Reality Examples.

Personally I think the future of Augmented Reality will live in the mobile space, that’s where it will play it’s most useful role in helping deliver relevant content in a contextual environment. But the use of Augmented Reality activation online mixed with all the various DM, viral, packaging, experience and shopping executions will keep it well balanced from a consumption point of view.

Quick demo video to demonstrate AR in simple terms..


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