Monthly Archives: August 2013

Here’s an update PAM Fans!

As summer winds down, Virtual Mobile is just getting started! As we surf through back-to-school commercials, and get to the beach one last time before the it gets too cold, VirtualMob has been busy at work going LIVE. Under the watchful eye of our Beta testers, we have upgraded out user interface, as well as create walk through tutorial videos to give you a step by step experience. 
 In addition to upgrading our service we have added new customers to out VirtualMob team! We have added Tempo magazine to our ranks, and they now have the ability to provide their readers with more content, right to their phone.

Business is about standing out from the crowd, and that is personified in business cards. The glossiest whites, the deep cream with embossed red ink, business cards are supposed to be rememberable. What better way than connecting your business card to an entire augmented reality? That happened with one of our most recent products, the interactive business card. What a great way to connect your Linked-in account to your card. It’s like handing your resume to everyone you meet! Check it out on our website, in the products section.

We’re Live!

Welcome PAM Fans!

We’ve officially kicked off our live app Point-At-Me! After our great team worked with the technology in Beta, and our Beta users gave us their own input, we have tailored PAM to be the ultimate user friendly make-your-own-AR application. We have introduced some new aspects to enhance the AR experience. We not have drag and drop buttons for music, direct-to-youtube, galleries, and more! This is quite an exciting time for VirtualMob! Join PAM to see all the new features, make your own AR campaign, and bring your print to life!