Point-At-Me Launch

Recently TechCrunch did a piece in response to VirtualMob’s official launch of Point-At-Me app, or “PAM”. Augmented reality has been picking up recently, and has gained the attention of companies throughout the world that appreciate being on the forefront of innovation. Competitors such as Layer and Metaio were mentioned, however PAM was commended for it’s focus on analytics, e-commerce and freedom for creativity. What really sets PAM apart from it’s competitors is the automated process that gives the company the creative reigns, while serving it in a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface.
PAM’s mission is to break the barrier between brands and Augmented Reality technology. They set out to achieve this by combining a CMS platform that allows any company to create their own AR. This is done without coding on the part of the user, and can be accessed by anyone through the free PAM smartphone app. In this way, the company has significantly reduced cost and increased ease-of-use.

VirtualMob seems to have been generating a buzz with over 100 Beta customers from outstanding companies such as Cartier, Victoria’s Secret, Unilever, and more. The process itself was derived around the theme of self-service without requiring technical knowledge. PAM’s most obvious suitor has been print campaigns; bringing a fledging industry into the 21st century and linking it to the digital age.
The most useful aspect of this technology is the analytics that come with the technology. All interactions are measurable including: click rate, location/time, source media etc. This goes far beyond anything print has previously been capable of, because it helps bring accountability and prioritization to the print segment of an ad campaign.
Augmented reality seems to be the way of the future, and PAM contends to be the belle of the ball.

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