Virtualmob’s CMS beta testing launch

Virtualmob is offering your business the opportunity to enjoy a beta testing session of our Content Management System (CMS) to ameliorate your sales and business innovations.

However are you unsure about what and how CMS can drive your company forward? Take a brief moment to look at the Prezi and realise the potential of CMS.

Still confused how CMS can help? Well, CMS is a way of simplifying complex tasks, it is easy, functional and accessible for non-web designers (no additional designer fees needed!) and it can be shaped to any business innovation.

Still need convincing? CMS is a way to centralize data editing and a hassle free path to publishing and modification on a single back-end interface for users. You might be asking yourself why Virtualmob has offered this innovative augmented reality (AR) technology for beta testing. Here’s your answer: Virtualmob is a strong up and rising company in the AR sector and wants to increase the limelight given to AR in the current climate.


CMS can offer new innovative ways to present your ideas; it can change those sketches in your desk draw to augmented reality innovations. With CMS, the power really is in your hands: the format, features, theme and even more. The more you explore with CMS, the more you get out of it. If you’re unhappy with some of the content that your product is displaying: you can simply edit and modify it using the “Dragon drop” system. CMS will quickly become your indispensable tool. When talking about Augmented Reality, the options are endless: marketing, selling your products online, advertising, blogs, creating websites and much more.

The principal feature of ourCMSsystem is the ability to extend the original framework and interface into a more innovative web format. Virtualmob has understood with CMS that the key is: it must be user friendly and it is! Virtualmob have not just marketed this product towards bloggers, developers and designers but to everyone.

With CMS your dreams can literally come to life. The system is made to work for you and so are Virtualmob. AR has never been more accessible or simpler.

So start your beta testing now and don’t miss out on this opportunity. The time is now, apply for your place today!

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