Monthly Archives: February 2013

VirtualMob: Silicon India event

VirtualMob appears on the big stage again!

VirtualMob was recently chosen as a keynote speaker at the Silicon India event to discuss strategic marketing.

Schez Khan, VirtualMob’s business development head in India, was elected to discuss the company’s recent success. This elected opportunity shows VirtualMob’s upcoming image in the Augmented Reality sector.

Schez Khan, a business consultant and advocate discussed how VirtualMob has boosted its presence in both the European and Indian market sectors. Furthermore Schez Khan went on to discuss the recent expansion of creative insights at VirtualMob and the impact that they have had in the Business sector in the Global markets.

This recent media coverage reflects how VirtualMob is growing as an identity in the world of Augmented Reality. So why wait and let our innovations pass you by?


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