Traveleasy App Blog

Traveleasy app blog

Do you have a budding hotel which just needs more exposure to consumers? Do you need something to give you an identity? Well Virtualmob has your answer!

The Traveleasy app supplies countless amount of information on android/smart phone devices – giving customers on-the-go access to news, menus, directions, show tickets, places to eat, shop, weather, special offers and much more within a single app on the move.

This application could become more than just a “cool” access point for your consumers but a brochure to show your professionalism and a way to offer your clients the best experience possible.

It could;
– Solve lengthy check in’s/out’s
– Information guide on landmarks
– A loyalty consumer programme through coupons etc
– Help promote external business sales; increasing network
– Room upgrade features
– Plus consumers can download a free city guide app.

This app will be the key to making your business a convenience high quality orientated company with consumers coming first. Virtualmob is your way to get there.

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