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Ministry of Dubai tourism office embraced Augmented Reality

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has launched a new iPhone application for visitors to promote the emirate’s tourism attractions.

The new app features maps, deals, augmented reality and users to find restaurants offering a particular cuisine or to search for attractions in the city.
“In keeping with DTCM’s desire to provide tourists with an unique experience of Dubai, we are pleased to announce a travel app for the hugely popular iPhone,” Khalid A Bin Sulayem, director-general of the DTCM said.

“A key feature of the app is that players from the leisure and travel industry and commercial establishments also will benefit. They participate by providing information that will be useful to tourists and residents,” he added.

“The iPhone app is the first of a series of new products and services that are part of our new IT strategy to aggressively promote Dubai Tourism and the emirate of Dubai.”

Initially introduced for the iPhone, the app will soon also be rolled out for BlackBerry and Android phones.

Virtual Mobile UK, at the Rimini meeting 2011

On the occasion of participation in the XXXII edition of the Rimini Meeting August 21 to 27, FederlegnoArredo required the cooperation of Group 36 & Virtual Mobile UK for the installation of interactive kiosks at the booth of 200 square meters where FLA presented to the public education related to the theme of world wood and furniture.


The main objective of the project commission for the meeting was to attract the public in the stands and entertain them with technologies such as face recognition and augmented reality.


Virtual mobile UK  has set up four with two interactive kiosk applications developed for the meeting:

  • face recognition: application to the participants of the meeting proposed a test of orientation to the world of work, recording the sex, age, and responses to questions via a webcam installed on the screen. The test was developed in two versions, depending upon the age of: Each question was prefaced by an image, with the aim of provoking an emotional reaction to the user. After testing, the application user recorded the results obtained, associating a unique ID, and records them in a database remotely.
  • Augmented Reality: Participants at the meeting received the postcards on the back of which were printed markers. Each marker was related to different products of the wood-furniture sector: positioning the card in front of screens equipped with camera, the screen displays a three-dimensional visualization of the product, the user could move and position to your liking. And, for the lucky ones, two specific markers, printed on a limited number of postcards, were associated with two awards for the participants of the meeting.

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Star Wars Comics featuring Augmented Reality Experience with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader

This is a special message to all our Star Wars Fans. Editions Atlas (De Agostini Group) just released 5th issue of Star Wars Comic Collector with unique AR feature : Darth Vader.






By presenting the comic #2 (with Luke Skywalker)  and #5, users will enjoy an animated combat mode whit light sabre and telekinetic.

Pringles Augmented Reality Football Game using Packaging

An online football game for Pringles in China. This AR Experience provides a unique human interface to control the football player using the world famous Pringles packaging.

Olympus for Breakthrough Augmented Reality Camera

The browser-based AR application enables consumers to explore – and use – a full-featured virtual 3D model of the award-winning Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro camera, the thinnest digital SLR on the market.  The demo lets prospective buyers get a feel for the camera’s compact size and its capabilities.  And a click of the virtual shutter provides the same output as the camera itself: a digital photo.  For those who like the experience, gratification can be instant, with e-commerce fulfillment at

By visiting, consumers can literally take photos with the virtual camera.  They can try their hand at creating videos, popping open the camera flash, and experimenting with photo editing effects by applying a variety of in-camera Art Filters.


Inserts in the June issue of Wired Magazine and the July issue of Popular Photography offer consumers a life-size printed replica of the camera, which is used to trigger the online AR experience. Consumers can print images of the front and back of the camera from the Olympus site as well. When done putting the Olympus AR camera through its paces, the consumer can use the virtual tripod to freeze the camera in space and go to hands-free mode, diving deeper into the PEN E-PL1’s features.  Or as put it, “Olympus has just stepped up and dare I say justified augmented reality with this sweet 3D demo of their PEN E-PL1.”

”Augmented reality and digital photography were made for each other,” said Stephen Mietelski, SVP, Group Creative Director, Mullen.  “Augmented reality has been used by companies before, but more as a gimmick than as an actual, working, in-depth product demo. This is as close to having the camera in your hands as you can get without actually having it in your hands.”