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AUDI Interactive Calendar

This is a fantastic idea executed to perfection by Audi. They didn’t create just another beautiful calendar, they created an unexpected experience! Yes, they printed the calender purely as landscape images, blank, no cars, nothing, and then prompted people to download the special iPhone app that would allow you to activate the calendar though an Augmented Reality feature to bring the images to life on your iPhone.

Atleast,25,000 calendars were sent out. The app has been downloaded 23,448 times. This means that most of the people who received a copy of the calendar have downloaded the app to experience “Vorsprung durch Technik” in a new dimension. Audi received numerous response mails from enthusiastic clients.


Augmented Reality Interactive Magazine Adverts(iAds)

This was a really cool way to engage an audience from a print ad. AXA Insurance in Belgium recently released an iPhone app designed to help people in the event of an accident, and to get their customers attention, they decided to launch it in an innovative kind of way… They bought traditional full page print ads, but combined with with a digital twist by mapping out a space to place your iPhone. Once you’ve got the iPhone into position and play the advert!

Volvo Pioneered the First Ever YouTube Masthead with an Augmented Reality Experience

On Saturday, March 12, Volvo Cars of North America (VCNA) offered for one day only an Augmented Reality (AR) S60 driving experience iPhone and Android app that activates when visiting YouTube

Volvo released an augmented reality driving game for iPhone and Android devices to promote the S60 sports sedan, but it was only available for one day. Even with the limited run time, Volvo hit this one out of the park.

The S60 promotion involved a lot of moving parts. To download the S60 driving game, I needed to scan an online QR code using my iPhone camera (although I later found out that I could just search for the game on iTunes or Android Market). Launching the game was its own mini feat–I needed to match the outline of the car in the app with the picture of the S60 on YouTube’s homepage, taken over by Volvo for the promotion. Lining up the two vehicles was like unlocking a secret key that started the game. Once I managed that less-than-obvious procedure, playing the game was the easy part.

A virtual driving course littered with obstacles, such as boulders, cones, and moose, was dropped into whatever background the mobile phone’s camera had in its sight. Hit one of the course obstacles and the vehicle’s speed was reduced. Hit them all, like I often did, and the S60 crawled toward the finish line at a snail’s pace with black clouds sputtering from its exhaust. After a few tries, I was able to bring my time down from 1.06 minutes to just 46 seconds. Players could submit their scores and view the five fastest times from other players. Coming in first didn’t win you anything other than bragging rights, and once I figured out that I would probably never beat the first-place record of 8 seconds, I abandoned the game.




Players had to match the outline in the game with the S60 on a masthead banner ad on YouTube to start the game.
(Credit: Volvo)

In addition to creating a technically savvy brand image, it has consumers interacting with a new technology for the first time, Gangeri explained.

Volvo said it didn’t have statistics on how many people downloaded the game. If you missed the promotion this time around, you’ll get another chance in the future. Volvo plans on retooling the game for another promotion, although it wouldn’t say when.


User Metrics:

Volvo campaign by the numbers:
– 61 million impressions on homepage takeover on YouTube on March 12. Google promised 47 million.
– 192,319 clicks on the masthead banner ad
– Interactive banner ad had a 9.6 percent interaction rate. Industry standard is 2.1 percent interaction rate
– Site traffic was up 293 percent.