Smart phone App for Royals-Featuring Will and Kate on Sales for The Royal Wedding

Virtualmob -Augmented Reality Solutions provider- unveils Augmented Reality Application for the royal wedding of Kate and Will.

Instantly transform yourself into Prince William or Princess Catherine in celebration of the Royal Wedding with the App Store’s first true live-video Augmented Reality face tracking app. This is more than just image manipulation… Blurring the line between reality and fantasy, RoyalMirror uses cutting-edge AR face recognition to track your movements and perform majestic transformations, all in real-time.

Whether it’s a prince you or a princess friend, take photos of the action and share the nobility on Facebook or via email. Save photos to your camera roll, or even assign them as a friend’s contact picture for a sovereign surprise every time they call! Weren’t born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth? Not to worry; be a royal for the day with RoyalMirror AR+.

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