The worlds largest augmented reality project solution

If you want to use augmented reality to visualize what that new sofa will look like in your living room you simply print a marker, place it on the floor and point your webcam.

André Fogaça who works in marketing for a construction company called Rossi based out in Brazil liked the idea of using augmented reality to help potential customers visualize their product, the only problem was the product is the latest city skyscraper development.

An A4 sized marker viewed through an iPhone clearly wasn’t going to be enough to help potential buyers see what the Fibrasa Connection  development will look like before its even built, so they created the worlds largest augmented reality marker, laid it out where the tower will be located, and then hired a helicopter equipped with a notebook and camera to fly over the site.

The result is a life sized tower and a place in the Guiness Book of Records for the worlds largest example of augmented reality. Fantastic stuff!

The Fibrasa Connection project


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