Augmented Reality – Integrating Your Consumer with Your Brand.

Augmented reality is a technology that blurs the lines between virtual reality (computer generated) and the real-world (you, not the show). It has been around for a few years now, but only recently made a push into digital marketing. Car manufacturers such as NissanMINI and Toyota, were quick to use augmented reality capabilities to show off their new models. We’ve also seenbaseball cardst-shirts mashed up with Twitterdrum kitsmovie trailers,music videos, and of course more advertising care of GE Smart Grid.
Augmented reality is still in its infancy and there hasn’t been too much actual and practical commercial use for this technology. That is, until the USPS: Priority Mail Virtual Box Simulator. This augmented reality simulation allows a user to see the different flat-rate shipping boxes in 3D. So there are practical uses for augmented reality – and for brands looking to let the consumer connect with their brands in a different way this technology has great potential.
The creative applications are limitless. In fact, you can even make an augmented reality 3D version of your logo as a shameless self promotion. We did.
Try it out. Here’s how it works:


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