Here’s an update PAM Fans!

As summer winds down, Virtual Mobile is just getting started! As we surf through back-to-school commercials, and get to the beach one last time before the it gets too cold, VirtualMob has been busy at work going LIVE. Under the watchful eye of our Beta testers, we have upgraded out user interface, as well as create walk through tutorial videos to give you a step by step experience. 
 In addition to upgrading our service we have added new customers to out VirtualMob team! We have added Tempo magazine to our ranks, and they now have the ability to provide their readers with more content, right to their phone.

Business is about standing out from the crowd, and that is personified in business cards. The glossiest whites, the deep cream with embossed red ink, business cards are supposed to be rememberable. What better way than connecting your business card to an entire augmented reality? That happened with one of our most recent products, the interactive business card. What a great way to connect your Linked-in account to your card. It’s like handing your resume to everyone you meet! Check it out on our website, in the products section.

We’re Live!

Welcome PAM Fans!

We’ve officially kicked off our live app Point-At-Me! After our great team worked with the technology in Beta, and our Beta users gave us their own input, we have tailored PAM to be the ultimate user friendly make-your-own-AR application. We have introduced some new aspects to enhance the AR experience. We not have drag and drop buttons for music, direct-to-youtube, galleries, and more! This is quite an exciting time for VirtualMob! Join PAM to see all the new features, make your own AR campaign, and bring your print to life!

Point-At-Me Launch

Recently TechCrunch did a piece in response to VirtualMob’s official launch of Point-At-Me app, or “PAM”. Augmented reality has been picking up recently, and has gained the attention of companies throughout the world that appreciate being on the forefront of innovation. Competitors such as Layer and Metaio were mentioned, however PAM was commended for it’s focus on analytics, e-commerce and freedom for creativity. What really sets PAM apart from it’s competitors is the automated process that gives the company the creative reigns, while serving it in a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface.
PAM’s mission is to break the barrier between brands and Augmented Reality technology. They set out to achieve this by combining a CMS platform that allows any company to create their own AR. This is done without coding on the part of the user, and can be accessed by anyone through the free PAM smartphone app. In this way, the company has significantly reduced cost and increased ease-of-use.

VirtualMob seems to have been generating a buzz with over 100 Beta customers from outstanding companies such as Cartier, Victoria’s Secret, Unilever, and more. The process itself was derived around the theme of self-service without requiring technical knowledge. PAM’s most obvious suitor has been print campaigns; bringing a fledging industry into the 21st century and linking it to the digital age.
The most useful aspect of this technology is the analytics that come with the technology. All interactions are measurable including: click rate, location/time, source media etc. This goes far beyond anything print has previously been capable of, because it helps bring accountability and prioritization to the print segment of an ad campaign.
Augmented reality seems to be the way of the future, and PAM contends to be the belle of the ball.

Aamby Valley Broadway Delights with new AR app

Aamby Valley Broadway Delight alongside Virtualmob has released a new innovative application for IPhone and Android to supplement the fantastic Cirque du Glace event in Independent India’s first planned hill city. The opportunity to watch more than 20 internationally renowned Ice Stars along with the augmented reality app involvement provided by Virtualmob is an unforgettable experience.

It couldn’t be simpler: the new Aamby Valley application offers many customer-friendly features:
– Show Info: All of the details needed to accommodate the fantastic experience
– Schedule: Your personal timetable of shows at the click of an app.
– Contact: No need to trawl through directories, one click and you’re ready.
– Pricing: All you need to know about the different seat prices.
– Booking: Convinced by what we have to offer then this feature is perfect for you.
– By downloading this app, you could watch the Aamby Valley experience come to LIFE!

This unique fresh experience provided by Virtualmob ameliorates the Cirque du Glace experience, not only will the augmented reality dynamic make you feel like part of the show but it can give you a snippet of magic that Cirque du Glace can provide with its portrayal of the evolution of life, the creation of the planet and man’s evolution in a captivating ice performance.

 So what do I have to do to get this experience?
1. Download the app
2. Point your device camera on the Aamby Valley logo, find logo attached:
3. Enjoy great AR Experience

Need more convincing? A feature video of Cirque du Glace will be available to watch when you scan your brochure using Point At Me (PAM) from the Apple Store or by downloading the Aamby Valley Broadway Delights application from the Google Play Store. It couldn’t be easier, interested in real entertainment, an unforgettable experience, something for the family or everyone?

Your answer is with Aamby Valley and Virtualmob.

Virtualmob’s CMS beta testing launch

Virtualmob is offering your business the opportunity to enjoy a beta testing session of our Content Management System (CMS) to ameliorate your sales and business innovations.

However are you unsure about what and how CMS can drive your company forward? Take a brief moment to look at the Prezi and realise the potential of CMS.

Still confused how CMS can help? Well, CMS is a way of simplifying complex tasks, it is easy, functional and accessible for non-web designers (no additional designer fees needed!) and it can be shaped to any business innovation.

Still need convincing? CMS is a way to centralize data editing and a hassle free path to publishing and modification on a single back-end interface for users. You might be asking yourself why Virtualmob has offered this innovative augmented reality (AR) technology for beta testing. Here’s your answer: Virtualmob is a strong up and rising company in the AR sector and wants to increase the limelight given to AR in the current climate.


CMS can offer new innovative ways to present your ideas; it can change those sketches in your desk draw to augmented reality innovations. With CMS, the power really is in your hands: the format, features, theme and even more. The more you explore with CMS, the more you get out of it. If you’re unhappy with some of the content that your product is displaying: you can simply edit and modify it using the “Dragon drop” system. CMS will quickly become your indispensable tool. When talking about Augmented Reality, the options are endless: marketing, selling your products online, advertising, blogs, creating websites and much more.

The principal feature of ourCMSsystem is the ability to extend the original framework and interface into a more innovative web format. Virtualmob has understood with CMS that the key is: it must be user friendly and it is! Virtualmob have not just marketed this product towards bloggers, developers and designers but to everyone.

With CMS your dreams can literally come to life. The system is made to work for you and so are Virtualmob. AR has never been more accessible or simpler.

So start your beta testing now and don’t miss out on this opportunity. The time is now, apply for your place today!